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Media Studies and Bibliography

This is a popular and widespread discipline in UK universities - sometimes connected to Film Studies, or part of a Sociology course or one entitled Cultural or Communication Studies. It has grown along with the media themselves and has a rich and extensive literature.


Some University Media Studies courses


Media links sites

  • Media and Communication Studies
  • Media - good for general European and worldwide sites but anglophone


Media Studies in school

It is possible to take Media Studies in school as an A Level course in the sixth form (age 16-19) - check the NEAB exam board for syllabus details and find out what is studied. Not only critical analysis, also filming, journalism and other professional skills as well


·         MediaEd - very good background site to the media in school
·         European Schoolnet one of many subjects in this virtual multilingual school


Media bibliography

Many of these books can be found in the British Studies Resource Points. For a full list of what can be found there see British Studies Books .


·         Bell A 1991 The Language of News Media Blackwell

·         Edginton B & Montgomery M 1996 The Media The British Council

·         Fiske J 1990 Introduction to Communication Studies Routledge

·         Fiske J 1987 Television Culture Routledge

·         Fowler R 1991 Language in the News - discourse and ideology in the press Routledge

·         du Gay P (ed) 1997 Production of Culture/ Cultures of Production The Open University/ Sage Publications

·         Goodwin A & Whannel G (eds) 1990 Understanding Television Routledge

·         Hart A 1991 Understanding the Media - a practical guide Routledge

·         McNair B 1999 (3rd ed) News and Journalism in the UK Routledge

·         O’Sullivan T et al 1994 (2nd ed) Key Concepts in Communication and Cultural Studies Routledge

·         O’Sullivan T, Dutton B & Rayner P 1994 Studying the Media - an introduction Arnold

·         Thompson K (ed) 1997 Media and Cultural Regulation The Open University/ Sage Publications


The British Studies Now Bibliography has an annotated list of further books on the media but there is no guarantee they will be available in Poland.


Other media articles and information can be found at the Mass Media Unit website of the University of Glasgow. This renowned research institute has a number of articles online with such titles as: Television Politics and the Rise of the New Right, Cultural Compliance and Critical Media Studies and Media Effects and the Active Audience.

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