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Festivals in Britain


Festivals and Customs
A Classroom Activity

Below, there are interviews with two British people and three Polish people about their views on festivals in their countries. Which festivals do you think they will like most? Which ones will be less important to them? Why? Will religion, family or history play the same part in both societies? And, finally, is the nature of festivals changing as society changes in both countries?

Before you read

What is important to you about festivals? Put the following in the correct order (1=most important, 7=least important). Is the same true for Polish people in general?

  • Having a good time
  • Seeing family and friends
  • Remembering a historical event
  • Religion
  • Giving and receiving presents
  • Celebrating something special about your country
  • Letting people know you love them

As you read

In what order do you think the British and Polish people would put the items in the list above? Now compare what you would guess with what they said.

Click here to read the interviews.

After reading

Now try to design the perfect festival, a festival that would contain something for everyone. What would you call it? When would it be? What would people do? Who would pay for it? Have your group present your festival to the rest of the class and then vote on which is the best festival.

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