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Books in British Studies Resource Points

You can find the addresses of the 55 British Studies Resource Points in Poland listed here. The following list of books may not be available in all the Resource Points.

Survey Coursebooks about the United Kingdom for language Learners (Intermediate and above)

  • Lavery, C, Focus on Britain Today-Cultural Studies for the Language Classroom, Macmillan, 1995
  • Lavery, C, Focus on Britain Today-Teacher’s Book, Macmillan, 1995
  • Harvey, P and Jones, R, Britain Explored, Longman, 1992
  • McClean, A. C., Profile UK, Heinemann, 1993
  • Laird, E., Faces of Britain, Longman, 1986
  • Rabley, S., Customs and Traditions in Britain, Longman, 1986
  • Sheerin, S. Seath, J. White, G., Spotlight on Britain, OUP, 1995
  • Geddes, M., About Britain, Macmillan, 1988
  • Nolasco, R & Medgyes, P., When in Britain, OUP, 1990

Survey Coursebooks about the United Kingdom for Language Learners (Upper-Intermediate and above)

  • O’Driscoll, J, Britain, The Country and its People: An Introduction for Learners of English, OUP, 1995
  • Broomhead, P., Life in Modern Britain, Longman, 1991
  • McDowall, Britain in Close-up, Longman, 1997
  • Musman, R., Britain Today, Longman, 1989
  • Mardsen, B. Mclver, N., People and Places, (coursebook and 2 videos), BBC English, 1990
  • Irwin, J, Modern Britain, Routledge, 1994
  • Dyson, A, Britain In View, (book and video), British Council, 1994
  • Maule, D., Focus on Scotland, Macmillan Publishers Ltd., 1989
  • Christian, C, Focus on English Speaking Countries, Phoenix
  • Addis, C, Britain Now, (books and audiocassettes), BBC English, 1992

Tourist Guides to the UK

  • Insight Guides: Wales, APA Publications, 1989
  • Insight Guides: Great Britain, APA Publications, 1997

Foreign and Commonwealth Booklets about the UK (a sample of some available)

  • People in Britain; Northern Ireland; Focus on Britain; London, Portrait of a City; Britain’s System of Government; Britain and the Commonwealth; Education in Britain; British democracy in action; Employment in Britain; Older People in Britain; Justice and the Law; British Skills; Britain in the European Union

Materials for the classroom

  • Carlisle, Essential Articles 1-4: the Resource File for Issues, Carel Press, 1996
  • Polish Materials Writers, Images of Scotland – British Cultural Studies Materials for the EFL Classroom, The British Council and The University of Strathclyde, 1999

British Social and Economic History

  • Culpin, C, Making Modern Britain, Collins Educational, 1996
  • Abercrombie et al, Contemporary British Society, Polity Press, 1994
  • Abercrombie and Ward, (ed.), Social Change in Contemporary Britain, Polity Press, 1992
  • Obelkevich, J, Catterall, P. (eds), Understanding Post-War British Society, Routledge, 1994
  • Saton, R. et al (eds), Three centuries of Change, Collins Educational, 1998
  • Coleman, D. & Salt, J. The British Population, Oxford University Press, Oxford 1992

Statistical Data about the UK

  • Fact File 1995: A Copiable Resource, Carel Press, 1998
  • Social Trends 27, Office for National Statistics, The Stationery Office, London 1997
  • Facts about Britain 1945-95, (CD ROM), Office for National Statistics, The Stationery Office, London 1997
  • Social Trends, (CD ROM), Office for National Statistics, The Stationery Office, London 1997
  • Champion, T. et al (eds) The Population of Britain in the 1990’s: a Social and Economic Atlas, OUP, 1996
  • Alldritt, A Statistical Focus on Wales, MWL
  • Living in Britain, Office for National Statistics
  • Britain 1997 – An Official Handbook, The Stationery Office, 1996
  • Jowell, R. et al (eds) British Social Attitudes (13th Report), Dartmouth Publishing Company, 1996
  • Annual Abstract of Statistics, Office for National Statistics, The Stationery Office, London 1997

British History

  • Kearney, H, The British Isles: A History of Four Nations, CUP, 1989
  • McDowall, D., An Illustrated History of Britain, Longman, 1989
  • Hobsbawm, E. and Ranger, T., (ed.), The Invention of Tradition, CUP, 1983
  • Porter, R., Myths of the English, Polity Press, 1992
  • McCrone, D. Morris, A. & Kiely, R., Scotland - the Brand: The Making of Scottish Heritage, Edinburgh, 1985
  • Gilbert, M. The Dent Atlas of British History, Dent, London, 1993
  • Hobsbawn, E. & R. Ranger, The Invention of Tradition, Canto, Cambridge, 1996
  • Morgan, K, The People’s Peace-British History 1945-1989, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1990
  • Brooman, J, People at Work, Longman History Project, Longman, 1994
  • Brooman, J, A Changing Nation, Longman History Project, Longman, 1994
  • Brooman, J, Communication and Culture, Longman History Project, Longman, 1994
  • Brooman, J, A Caring People, Longman History Project, Longman, 1994
  • Brooman, J, People and Politics, Longman History Project, Longman, 1994
  • Fry, S, Kings and Queens, Dorling Kindersley, 1997
  • Giles, J. Middleton, T., Writing Englishness 1900 - 1950, Routledge, 1995
  • Cloake, J, Britain in the Modern World, (Oxford History at key stage 4), OUP, 1994


  • Punnett, N. (ed.) Interactive Atlas of GB (on CD ROM)
  • Punnett, N. (ed.) The Local Environment and the British Isles, Simon & Schuster Education, 1988
  • Kimpton, L, Britain in Focus, Hodder and Stoughton, 1990

Arts, Sports & Leisure

  • Holt, R, Sport and the British, Clarendon, London, 1989
  • Urry, J. The Tourist Gaze: Leisure and Travel in Contemporary Societies, Sage, London, 1997
  • Urry, J, Consuming Places, Routledge, 1995
  • Cashmore, E, Making Sense of Sports, Routledge, 1990

Government and Politics

  • Oakland, J, British Civilization: An Introduction, Routledge
  • Oalkand, J, A Dictionary of British Institutions, Routledge, 1993
  • Roberts, D. (ed.), British Politics in Focus, Causeway, 1995
  • Hudson, R & Williams, A., Divided Britain, Wiley, 1995
  • Lively, J. & Lively, A., Democracy in Britain. A Reader, Backwell, 1994
  • Paxman, J., Friends in High Places - Who runs Britain?  Penguin, 1991


  • Raw, L, Changing Class Attitudes, British Council, 1994


  • Woods, P. & Hammersley, M., (eds), Gender & Ethnicity in schools, Routledge, 1993
  • McRobbie, A., Feminism and Youth Culture, Macmillan, 1991

Language, Culture and Society

  • Cameron, D., Verbal Hygiene, Routledge, 1995
  • Montgomery, M. & Reid-Thomas, H., Language and Social life, British Council, 1994
  • Montgomery, M, An Introdction to Language and Society, Routledge, 1996
  • McKay, S., (ed), Sociolingustics and Language Teaching, CUP, 1996

Cultural Studies

  • Alasuutari, P., Researching Culture: Qualitative method and Cultural Studies, Sage Publications, 1995
  • Turner, G, British Cultural studies: An Introduction, Routledge
  • Gray, A. and McGuigan, J. (eds), Studying Culture: an Introductory Reader, Arnold, 1993
  • Bassnett, S, (ed.), Studying British Culture: An Introduction, Routledge
  • Turner, G, British Cultural Studies: an Introduction, Unwin Hyman, London, 1990
  • McNeill, P, Research methods, Routledge, 1990
  • Ford, B (ed.), Modern Britain-The Cambridge Cultural History , CUP, 1992


  • Bruce, S, Religion in Modern Britain, OUP, 1995

Aspects of Popular Culture

  • Hebdige, D, Subculture: the Meaning of Style, Routledge, London, 1993
  • Skelton, T & G. Valentine (eds), Cool Places: Geographies of Youth Cultures, Routledge, London, 1998
  • Fiske, J, Understanding Popular Culture, Routledge, 1995
  • Fiske, J, Reading the Popular, Routledge, 1995
  • Longhurst, B, Popular Music and Society, Polity Press, 1996
  • McRobbie, A., Feminism and Youth Culture, Macmillan, 1991

Race and Ethnicity

  • Gilroy, P, There Ain't No Black in the Union Jack, Routledge, London, 1993
  • Mason, D, Race and Ethnicity in Modern Britain, OUP, 1996
  • Social Focus on Ethnic Minorities, Office for National Statistics, 1996
  • Cashmore, E., Dictionary of Race and Ethnic Relations, Routledge, 1996
  • Mirza, H.S., Young, Female and Black, Routledge, 1992

Communication and Media Studies

  • Edginton, B. and Montgommery, M, The Media, The British Council, 1996
  • Hart, A, Understanding the Media-A practical guide, Routledge, 1991
  • Fowler, R, Language in the News-Discourse and Ideology in the Press, Routledge, 1991
  • O’Sullivan, T. et al, Studying the Media - An Introduction, Routledge, 1994
  • Bell, A, The Language of the News Media, Blackwell, 1991
  • Goodwin, A. and Whannel, G. (eds), Understanding Television, Routledge, 1990
  • O’Sullivan, T. et al, Key Concepts in Communication and Cultural Studies, Routledge, 1996
  • Fiske, J, Introduction to Communication Studies, Routledge, 1997
  • Turner, Media and Popular Culture, Routledge
  • Thomson, K. (ed.), Media and Cultural Regulation, SAGE Publications, 1997
  • McNair, B., News and Journalism in the UK, Routledge, 1994
  • du Gay, P, Production of Culture,Cultures of Production, The Open University. Sage Publications 1997

British /Cultural Studies Dictionaries

  • Longman Dictionary of Language and Culture, Longman, 1992
  • Nation, M, A Dictionary of Modern Britain, Penguin, 1991
  • Room, A., An A-Z of British Life, OUP, 1990
  • Oakland, J., A Dictionary of British Institutions, Routledge, 1993
  • Williams, R, Keywords: a Vocabulary of Culture and Society, Fontana, London, 1983

English Language

  • Crystal, D, English as a Global Language, CUP, 1997
  • Crystal, D, The Cambridge Encyclopedia of English Language, Cambridge, 1995
  • Story of English (Video series, 7 Volumes), BBC

Teaching British/Cultural Studies

  • Byram, M, Cultural Studies In Foreign Language Education, Multilingual Matters, 1989
  • Byram, M, Culture and Language Learning in Higher Education, Multilingual Matters
  • Byram, M, et all, Teaching-and-Learning Language-and-Culture, Multilingual Matters, 1994
  • Byram, M & Esarte-Sarries, Investigating Cultural Studies in Foreign Language Teaching, Multilingual Matters
  • Byram, M, Teaching and Assessing Intercultural Communicative Competence, Multilingual Matters, London, 1998
  • Kramsch, C, Context and Culture in Language Teaching, OUP, 1993
  • Valdes, J. M, (ed.), Culture Bound, CUP, 1986
  • Wadham, Smith, N. (ed.), British Studies Now Anthology, British Council, London, 1998
  • Bulgarian Cultural Studies Network, Branching Out: A Cultural Studies Syllabus, The British Council, 1998


  • Bryson, B, Notes From a Small Island, Black Swan, 1995
  • A Guide to the National Curriculum – Essential Reading for Parents and Teachers, OUP, 1991
ELT Videos
  • Introducing Great Britain, parts 1 & 2, Longman, 1990
  • London, Longman, 1997
  • Ireland, Longman 1990
  • BBC Essential English Guide to Britain, BBC English, 1990

New titles in the Resource Points

  • Krzysztof Knauer, Simon Murray (eds), Britishness and Cultural Studies: Continuity and Change in Narrating the Nation
  • Bandura et al, British Studies Materials for Polish Teachers of English – A Cross-Cultural Approach
  • Houten and Pulverness (eds) New Directions, New Opportunities – British Studies Conference Proceedings, Pu³awy, 2001
  • Lawrence Raw, The Country and the City, The British Council, 1997

Recommended titles not yet available in the Resource Points

  • Longman Dictionary of Language and Culture, Longman, 1992
  • Crowther, J. Kavanagh, K. (eds), Oxford Guide to British and American Culture, OUP 1999
  • Collie, J & Martin, A., What’s It Like? CUP, 2000
  • Andrews et al, Zoom In, Swan Communication, 2001
  • Pulverness, A, Changing Skies-The European Course for Advanced Learners, Swan Communication, 2001

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