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Countryside Crossword Puzzle

This crossword, produced by Jadwiga Balicka, should be printed out as a hard copy.

The sets of clues below refer to landscapes, countryside, ecology, objects connected with travelling and past events. Put the words, which are the answers, horizontally in the squares. When the crossword puzzle is correctly filled in, the letters in the vertical shaded line of squares will give you a phrase describing a region, where you can practise sailing, canoeing or swimming.


  1. A river ...... down, never up.
  2. In the cloudless sky you can see it each night.
  3. A big bird with thin, red legs typical of Polish countryside.
  4. Bigger than a lake and has got salt water.
  5. A country, where the Vistula river runs from Beskidy mountains to the Baltic Sea.
  6. A spring flower typical of Dutch landscape.
  7. English people say: “My home is my ........”.
  8. The ecological ....... is the most harmful for natural environment.
  9. This is where people move if tired of living in the city.
  10. A machinery for crushing grain into flour, driven with wind.
  11. A large important town.
  12. A passage across a field or a forest that people or animals use.

If you have problems, click here for answers.

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