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Lakes Tourism - Blessing or Curse

This set of activities was produced by Ewa Mik, Grażyna Klekotko, Jadwiga Balicka, Maria Prawdzik, Urszula Koryszewska and Dorota Kołodziejska.

Lake Districts both in Poland and the UK are facing major changes. The Augustów-Suwałki Region, for example, (called the Green Lungs of Poland), is a unique area of natural beauty and wilderness, which is still relatively underdeveloped in terms of tourism. Making the region more attractive from a tourists point of view would be a way of changing this comparatively poor area into a more prosperous one. But, is it possible, in such a situation, to keep a balance between a wilderness and development?

Below are classroom activities which explore different aspects of living and visiting lake districst in Poland, the U.K. and other European countries.

Activity 1. An intercultural survey on attitudes and impressions of Lake Districts in Poland, the UK, Bohemia, and Slovenia, with reading and discussion tasks.

Activity 2. A reading text on the Augustow-Suwalki Region with a follow-up quiz.

Activity 3. A reading text on the Lake District in the UK with a follow-up photo matching quiz

Activity 4. A multiple choice quiz on the English Lake District

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