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The Shared Landscape
School Exchanges across Europe

Taking advantage of the Socrates Programme activities gives an opportunity to cooperate and exchange ideas on different themes; students are motivated to work according to their interests and they improve not only their language skills, but above all, cultural ones. Students learn a great deal about themselves and raise their awareness of different cultures too.

The Józef Szermentowski Liceum Ogólnokształcące from Bodzentyn in the świętokrzyskie województwo (province) has been involved in working on the European Educational Programme 'The shared landscape' with three other European schools from England, France and Spain. The main idea is to produce artistic and literary representations of their local landscapes to show them to the other schools and then contrast, compare and discuss their various aspects. Here we will focus on cooperation with the Thomas Keble School, Eastcombe, Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Coming from different countries and regions creates a chance for cross-cultural understanding. As this project covers a wide range of themes, the students are engaged in a lot of different activities and as a result English lessons are becoming much more interesting and meaningful with a lot of personal touches.

The students have different hobbies and interests - they like doing something more than just schoolwork. They can do something important and have fun at the same time - one writes, another shows her/his artistic abilities while one more improves his/her skills in using computers. Everybody finds great satisfaction and a sense of achievement when seeing the results of their work.

Through the link below we will show you these different activities.

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