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Holidaying in the Countryside - Teenagers' Views

Natasa Zemva and Milena Forstner from Slovenia interviewed two Polish teenagers about their views on holidays and the countryside.

Włodzimierz Pawelec, aged 18, a scout leader in a camp at the Baltic Sea and a student of a secondary school from Krasnystaw, Poland

Where do you usually spend your holiday?

I usually spend my holidays camping in a scout camp, where I have learned various skills of how to survive in nature and as now Iím of age I can pass them on to younger participants of our scout camp. I like helping people and doing certain jobs for them therefore I find my work in a scout camp quite interesting and awarding. During the year I help collecting money, I help people by performing certain jobs for them and as a kind of reward for my charity work Iíll visit UK and will spend a fortnight with ten children and two adults there. So as you can see I donít spend holidays with my family, only those, so called one-day holidays I spend with them.

If you spend your holidays in the countryside what attracts you there?

I like spending holidays in the countryside because of all the possibilities it offers. I can say I admire the simplicity of the country life, especially their nice, dark and deep forests, many times not walked paths, hiding and protecting all the secrets of the past from an accidental intruder. I feel completely relaxed in the forest and I like helping my scouts discover the vital things needed for their survival. I enjoy experiencing the peace of the countryside. Although our camp is located near the Baltic I donít like swimming in the sea, as I find it too cold and therefore not interesting for me. When in the countryside I feel great and I donít miss anything my place abounds in, especially not noisy discos, as I donít like discos for completely personal reasons.

If you had a chance to visit Slovenia what would you like your holiday to be like?

I would be delighted to go to be able to discover the beauties of Slovenia, especially its countryside. What attracts me there is the possibility of spending holidays on the farm. What I need right now is to get over my pain because of the loss of my dearest person and I think hard work can help me, therefore Iíd like to visit the countryside and spend my vacations on farms. There I would like to help the farmers at their hard work. As a strong boy Iíd be able to carry out the hardest tasks required on a farm. Also high Slovenian peaks attract me and as I have never climbed a rocky mountain wall Iíd like to try it as well.

As the United Europe is no longer something unreachable for us, the Poles, Iíd also like to know other nations on our continent better. What interests me most, is the way other people live, work and enjoy themselves. Iíd like to learn Slovenian language because for understanding someoneís habits the knowledge of the language seems quite important. I think that by knowing more you also have better chances to get a good job and as lot of things should be changed in Poland I would like to enlarge my knowledge to be able to be an active participant in these changes.

Irmina Kot, aged 15, a student of Gimnazjum Międzyrzec Podlaski, Poland

Where do you usually spend your holiday?

I usually spend my holidays with my parents. We go to the mountains and enjoy the fresh air walking there. Very often we go horse riding. What I enjoy most is swimming in mountain lakes after having descended a mountain peak and then having a nice, long-lasting rest after an exhausting day.

Sometimes I also go camping with my friends in a scout camp, like this time. I like it because Iím having a nice time with my friends here, in the camp at the Baltic coast. I enjoy sunbathing and swimming, as the weather is extremely nice and hot for this time of the year. We spend our evenings playing all sorts of ball games, we also go to the disco. Iíve also learned a lot of new songs as our evenings are spent singing songs as well. I like it here, in the countryside, and Iíll come again.

If you spend your holidays in the countryside what attracts you there?

As Iíve already said, I like spending vacations in the countryside because the weather in the countryside is always nicer than in my town, the air is fresher and I find the country food extremely delicious. Iím also very keen on swimming. The Baltic has beautiful sandy beaches, and walking barefoot on the sand makes me happy. What I enjoy most is the company of my friends and other campers. Also locals are very friendly people. I enjoy meeting them and talking about different things. It is so interesting when they talk about their life and their past. I also like mountaineering and skiing.

If you spend holidays in the countryside, what do you miss there or what would you like to be different?

Wherever I go I miss either my parents or my friends. As Iím not a very adaptable person I miss the comfort of house, my bed, my computer, etc. To be honest I miss my computer a lot because Iím used to chatting on the Internet with my friends. But always being in a good company I soon forget about all the mishaps and I enjoy staying in the countryside.

If you had a chance to visit Slovenia what would you like your holiday to be like?

I would be very pleased if my parents took me to Slovenia. Iíve heard a lot about its beauty and the friendliness of the people there. Iíve got to admit that Iíd like to go there by plane as itís always been challenging to me, although Iíve always been a bit frightened of it. Itís true I havenít had the luck of having that kind of experience yet.

Iíd like to visit different places in Slovenia but most of all Iíd like to experience the farm tourism, especially in hilly and mountainous regions. As I like riding horses I would like to try pony trekking in Slovenia and also hills and mountains attract us to Slovenia. It would also be nice to try warm water of Slovenia spas and to relax there after tiresome and hard work at school. As Iíve heard Slovenia was settled already in Roman times so it would be nice to pop in their museums and art galleries to get to know their culture and customs more in detail. As I like sightseeing and travelling I would like to visit the entire country because it offers various scenery.

TASK 1 (relating to both pictures and texts):

After careful reading tick appropriate boxes wherever you think that these sentences are TRUE, FALSE, NOT GIVEN?





1) Włodzimierz Pawelec has been teaching young children how to survive in the nature for many years.


2) Irmina likes mountaineering.


3) Irmina likes walking on sandy beaches in her new sandals.


4) Włodzimierz is extremely fond of swimming in the Baltic.


5) Irmina hasnít got relatives near the Baltic.


6) Spending her holidays with her friends Irmina misses her parents.


7) Włodzimierz would like to spend his holidays on Slovenian farm to work there.


8) Irmina hates horses and would never try riding, especially in Slovenia.


9) Włodzimierz thinks the United Europe is something unreachable for the Poles.


10) There were at least 2.000.000 inhabitants in Slovenia in Roman times.





Do you have scouts or similar organisations for young people in your neighbourhood as well? What do you know about them?

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