Culture in ELT

Our aim is to support the introduction of intercultural approaches into English teaching - in response to the changing role of English and the needs of Polish learners - through:

  • providing space and a welcoming atmosphere for exploring culture in ELT
  • encouraging open, investigatory and IC attitudes within language learning
  • producing materials and activities with a variety of learner outcomes
  • giving teachers, learners and trainers greater choice in the classroom

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This SIG held its first meeting at the IATEFL Poznań conference November 2002. To read the latest newsletter from the SIG coordinator, Małgorzata Zdybiewska, click here. If you are a member of IATEFL and would like to join - an application form can be downloaded

The Culture in ELT SIG will be significantly involved in the 13th International IATEFL conference in Radom - September 17-19 2004 - go to for more information

- bringing teachers together with new approaches and materials
- exploring classroom responses to cultural change
- providing opportunities for teacher development

Contact: Ewelina Wróblewska
ELT/Education Officer, The British Council, Al. Jerozolimskie 59, 00-697 Warsaw, Poland
tel: +48 0 (prefix) 22 585 10 82; fax: +48 0 (prefix) 22 585 10 64
Małgorzata Zdybiewska lead consultant

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