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Holidays, Visits, and Exchanges

For a good introduction to the ways in which people in Britain take holidays, the British Council UKinfocus site has an issue devoted to it with articles and pictures on three popular types of holiday: walking in the hills, seaside resorts and city breaks. For a review of the site see website of the month.

Links for Exchanges, Organised and Private Trips to the UK If you find any problems with these links or know of any others which would be helpful, please let us know.

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Visits – organised groups

Visits – temporary work

Visits – learning English and studying in the UK

Travelling information


Things to do



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For Comenius, Lingua and other programmes – though the site below is your better starting point.

All about the Socrates schemes in Polish

Online exchanges

The European Schoolnet site.

The Windows on the World scheme for finding partner schools – part of the Central Bureau.

Information for trips by UK schools and students

For schemes for UK language students to work abroad

Every possible aspect (especially safety) of organising a trip for UK schools covered. There may be useful information here for non-British trips to the UK.

Visits – organised groups

A non profitmaking organisation based in Barnstaple, Devon specialising in taking school groups from East-Central Europe.

Visits – temporary work

For visas if you think you need one. Work permits are usually organised by employers in the UK.

Advice about working in the UK.

Advice about studying in the UK, visa issues and the rules for international students studying in the UK finding work.

A lot of links – not only the UK.

Community Service Volunteers.

For finding work on farms.

Look up working holidays.

Basically a bookshop but some opportunities (not only the UK).

The site has details of accommodation for rent in the UK.

Visits – learning English and studying in the UK

Advice about studying in the UK, visa issues and the rules for international students studying in the UK finding work.

This British Council database now includes over 1,600 English language courses offered throughout the UK by more than 300 schools and colleges.

Association of Recognised English Language Services.

The British Association of State English Language Teaching.

The virtual campus with everything about student and university life.

General entry site for official organisations.

For information on erasmus, tempus, leonardo etc.

All university applications to go through this central organisation.

Find out what you can study and where. About being a student in the Scottish system.

Needs and interests of international students.

Costs/ student views etc.

Student centred site.

Opportunities for international students to be in contact with UK families including - spend a Xmas with a UK family.

The site has details of accommodation for rent in the UK.

Travelling information

For an overview and booking service for all international coaches from Poland.

Everything about every kind of travelling in the UK.

The official on-line guide to England.

Information for getting about Britain for the independent traveller.

Information about London transport.

For cyclists.


Accommodation is expensive in the UK. Tourist information centres have lists of accommodation of all types and you can find the one you want here.

The International Youth Hostel Federation to join before you come to the UK.

The Youth Hostel Association for England and Wales.

The YMCA movement in the UK.

London International Students House.

Things to do

The official travel guide to Britain.

City guides (not only UK).

A guide to Britain’s historic buildings, landscapes and archaeological sites. The National Trust.
Specifically Scotland The official website for visitors to Scotland. The Scottish National Trust.
Specifically Wales The official website for visitors to Wales.
Specifically Ireland The official website for visitors to Ireland. A guide to Ireland’s best hotels.
Specifically Northern Ireland The official information site for the Northern Ireland Tourist Board. Northern Irish Vacationing, Holidays, Touring, Travelling, Historical Sites, Natural Attractions, Visiting Resorts.

Regional level maps of the UK – not a wonderful cartographic standard.

If you know the postcode of where you are going to stay this site will come up with a very detailed street map + lots of local information on shops, cinemas, cafes etc.

Easier if you have the postcode.


A broad range of services to adults and children with disabilities in Scotland.

A Scottish magazine for gays, lesbians and bi-sexuals.

Go to the international section and click UK for lots of background articles on culture, history, geography etc. However trying to find Scottish Culture turned up British History!

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