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Slovenia - A Holiday for All Seasons

By Natasa ¯emva and Milena Forstner.

Slovenia offers a variety of holiday options as shown below by Natasa ¯emva and Milena Forstner. Natasa and Milena wrote this material while on a Polish summer teachers' school , and you can see the results of the summer school in the issue of the web pages The Countryside.

1. These mountaineers are having a break in their 6-hour climb of the highest mountain in Slovenia. Do you know which one it is? For the answer click here.

  • Can you guess from the picture what sort of equipment is needed for climbing?
For the answer click here.

2. This cyclist must be in very good physical condition as he/she has cycled as high up as 1666m! Imagine how fit you need to be to do that!

  • Are you fit enough?
  • What questions would you ask this cyclist?
To find out what he/she has to tell you click here.

3. Have a look at the rafting enthusiasts in the picture. There are always seven rafters on a raft because only then can they manage the wild waters.

  • Do you think they are enjoying themselves?
  • Would you like to join them?

To find out where this picture was taken click here.

4. As a tourist agent, write a section in a tourist brochure offering skiing holidays in your country or somewhere else.

For a possible answer click here.

5. The modern lifestyle has brought about many previously unknown problems. To alleviate stress and "re-charge the batteries", health resorts, such as spas, have been "invented". In Slovenia, a small country with as many as fifteen health spas, the first written documents about thermal waters date back to 1147. The healing qualities of Slovenian thermal waters have been appreciated throughout Europe for more than four centuries. First discovered by local people, the beneficial effects of healing springs gave rise to new methods of treatment, and in recent decades new health resorts have developed at Slovenia's springs.

  • Can you guess what kinds of well-being, health treatment and services are available to guests in health spas?

To get the answers click here.

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