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Test Yourself - Are You a Teacher?

Answer the questions, then check your score and read the comments below

1.   When your son asks you to help him with his maths homework, you. . .

    a. let him watch TV while you do the hard problems for him.
    b. correct his answers until he gets the problems right.
    c. share some tips for solving problems using sample questions.
        After he understands, have him do the homework by himself
2.    A co-worker asks you for help with printing something from the computer. You...
    a. show him step-by-step how to use the computer to print.
    b. hand him a book and tell him to come to you with questions.
    c. print out for him what he needs and quickly mention how you did it.
3.    You are in a museum with your family. Last week you read a book about one of the artists. Your sister asks you about what you know. You...
    a. ignore her and take some photographs of the art.
    b. tell her what the book said.
    c. hand her a guide book and tell her to look it up.
4.    A stranger asks you which train goes into the centre of town. You...
    a. rush past her and don't look back. You are in a hurry
    b. tell her the bus would be better because it stops at the place she is going to.
    c. point in the direction of the right trains, but don't tell her that she will need to transfer to another train.
5.   A good friend tells you about a work problem and wants advice. You...
    a. listen carefully to her and then try to talk to her about potential solutions to her problem.
    b. yell at her to cheer up because she is depressing you.
    c. tell her a problem you had that was similar, and encourage her to leave her job.

      1.   a. 1    b. 2    c. 3
      2.   a. 3    b. 2    c. 1
      3.   a. 1    b. 3    c. 2
      4.   a. 1    b. 3    c. 2
      5.   a. 3    b. 1    c. 2

13-15 You like to share what you know with friends and family. Sometimes you even help strangers!

9-12 Teaching others is not your top priority but you enjoy helping out a little. Sometimes you are too busy and distracted to take time out for others.

5-8 You don't want to teach people what you know. Try not to be so selfish. You may need help one day and no one will have time.

Reproduced with the kind permission of
New English Digest (Vol 1  Issue 5. p55)

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