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Culture in FLT Background Reader

In this section we plan to provide articles on the relation between culture and language teaching. Most will be introductory and useful for teachers and college students writing diploma works.

We start with a series that Alan Pulverness has given us permission to present:

Cultural Studies, British Studies and EFL
Distinctions & Dichotomies: Culture-free, culture-bound
English as a Foreign Culture? - ELT and British Cultural Studies

Radislav Millrood (Univ of Tambor) has let us reproduce his reflections in an article contrasting a number of cultures (but especially Russian and American) in relation to several models Models for Describing Culture

Intercultural Communication and the Press Violeta Karastateva & Nikolina Tsvetkova Department of In-Service Information and Training of Teachers, Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’

The present paper appeared as a result of the authors’ involvement in the process of writing and the trial run of the Intercultural Studies for Language Teachers: a postgraduate distance learning course run by the British Council, Sofia and the Teacher Training Institute, Sofia.

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