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British Studies Articles based on original research

The articles in this section have been produced from the University of Warsaw and UMCS Lublin under the supervision of Dr Zbigniew Mazur and Prof. Irmina Wawrzyczek. They represent the work of young researchers (based on their magister theses) with an appeal beyond their academic origin as you will see from their titles.

Almost all these papers were published by UMCS Lublin in 2003 in Studying "New" Britain: Popular Culture and Ideology, edited by Prof. Wawrzyczek and Dr Zbigniew Mazur.

First articles from the magister supervisors themselves:

New Labour – New Society Irmina Wawrzyczek

Celebrating Britishness: from the Crystal Palace to the Millennium Dome Zbigniew Mazur

Student articles

The Power Game: paparazzi photography in the Sunday Mirror (2001-2002) Katarzyna Marcinkowska UMCS

Divorce in the British Press of 1990s Agnieszka Turek Univ. of Warsaw

Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility and its Film Adaptation Agnieszka Zieja Univ. of Warsaw

Mills & Boon Popular Romances of the 1770s and 1990s Joanna Krzyszycha UMCS

A Study of the British Press Presentation of the Labour Party and Tony Blair in the Election Campaign of 1997 Anna Kosz UMCS

Representations of domestic violence in the British press Monika Bąk

The ‘spirit moves in mysterious ways’: U2’s brand of Christian theology in the 90’s Anna Bańkowska

Constructing the new Britain: the millennium dome as a hegemonic practice Kinga Chmielewska

Oasis and the new working class ethics in Britain of the 1990s Beata Szczudłowska

Women’s quest for empowerment in the pop-music culture of the 1990’s Beata Maruszak

The following articles were written under the supervision of Prof. Christopher Garbowski

The Treatment of Time in Fiction and Film: The French Lieutenant's Woman Małgorzata Kosior

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