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Culture in the classroom
a sharing of practical experience from postgraduate diploma projects

The Studium Podyplomowe Kształcenia i Doskonalenia Nauczycieli Języka Angielskiego was set up by CODN and the University of Łódź in 1998 with the support of the British Council. This support was not only financial but also included guidance on syllabus design, the supply of a library of books and the publication of some of the best diploma works: Teachers on Language Teaching eds. Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk, B; Berestowska, A & Rasiński, R - Univ of Łódź 2003.


British Studies has been offered on each of the four years the course has run. At the beginning the syllabus was written with the help of Ruth Cherrington (British Studies Coordinator SPRITE programme) and later active support was given by her replacement Michael Houten. During this time over 50 diploma works have been written on culture-in-language teaching, all based on practical work in classrooms or on trips, visits and exchanges. All these diploma works have been linked closely with practical language methodology. For an outline of the approach see The Methodology of British Studies on the Postgraduate Diploma Programme


Prof. Piotr Stalmaszczyk, who now has overall responsibility, and the two organisers Anna Berestowska and Ryszard Rasiński, have given permission for these extracts to be published as there is a wealth of valuable experience to be made available to other practising teachers. They appear in various places on the Teachers’ Forum (mostly under A Sharing of Experience) but can all be reached from the links below. As far as possible the items will focus on the teachers’ classroom work and include teacher materials and the actual work of learners.


For details concerning the Studium Podyplomowe Kształcenia i Doskonalenia Nauczycieli Języka Angielskiego contact:

Instytut Anglistyki

Uniwersytet Łódzki

Al. Kościuszki 65

90-514 Łódź

e-mail: studium@uni.lodz.pl


Items based on past participant diploma works (for a full list by category see Postgraduate diplomas)

(it is planned that each general link will give several items and individual items will appear under several links)

Based on school activities

UK trips/ Exchanges/ Comenius and other EU programmes/ Incoming visits/ Culture days/ School magazines/ Coursebooks

English as an International Language in a European School Exchange Project Małgorzata Malczyk
Culture, Comenius and the Primary Classroom Mirosława Sikora
Producing a Guidebook - a project for a trip to Britain Joanna Głowiak
Food Diaries as an Intercultural Ethnographic Method Bożena Zych
An in-coming visit as an intercultural opportunity Małgorzata Engelking
Organising a British Day Jolanta Pucek

For further items on school activities - see Trips - Visits - Exchanges


Based on specific sources

Native speakers/ Authentic voices/ the internet/ Newspapers/ Learner magazines/ Popular magazines/ Realia


Methodological context

Project work/ Learner autonomy/ Learner-centred approach/ Task-based learning

A topic-based approach to teaching culture Dorota Wiśniewska-Brogowska
Learner Autonomy through Structured Projects: an intercultural investigation of eating customs Marzenna Kasperska



Education/ Housing/ Folk tales/ Food/ Animals/ Work/ Music/ Sport/ Leisure


Non-school/ non-BS

Literature/ Primary level/ Tertiary level/ Examinations and the reforma/ Business English/

American studies


A Code of Ethics for Polish Examiners Aleksandra Bartmańska
A virtual journey to residential places in London: housing in London in contemporary literature - a culture-oriented investigation of the theme and the source Anna Czyszczoń
The Cultural use of Short Stories in FLT Maria Kościelecka

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