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Literature articles

For ideas from the British Council on literature try the following sites

Literature Matters We've gone digital! We hope that you will enjoy the articles and features, and will come away feeling wiser about the current state of new writing in the UK

T@lking Books from BC Poland. “If you like talking about books as much as you like reading them, then you have come to the right page.” It organises interviews with authors and Readers Groups

Literary Translation Devised by the BC literature department in partnership with the British Centre for Literary Translation, this site aims 'to promote the reading of literature both into and out of translation and to explore the area of literary translation as a dynamic and lively art form'. It deals with both the art and practice of translation.

Young Cultural Creatorsis a project which opens up young people’s reading and inspires their creativity. The combination of libraries, museums, archives, galleries, and children’s writers brings the project to life.”

Contemporary writers in the UKThis unique, searchable database contains up-to-date profiles of some of the UK and Commonwealth's most important living writers - biographies, bibliographies, critical reviews, prizes and photographs.”

enCompass Culture Don't know what to read next. Interested in talking about books with readers from around the world? Join our worldwide online book group for adults, young adult’s (12-18) and children (3-12)”


An original short story

Notting Hill Antoinette Moses

Articles connected to literature and popular writing occur in various places on the webpages - here they are brought together for your convenience.

From the main webpages:

Much Ado About Harry Potter

·               a teenager's view

·               a journalist's view

·               a student's view

·               a teacher's view

What’s so good about Lord of the Rings? Sebastian Pearce


Alex Garland’s The Beach Diana Maltz


On science fiction and fantasy

Other articles

Food and Literature here you will find materials and activities on John Updike and other American authors, Lewis Carroll, Charles Dickens and Jonathon Swift, as well as Adam Mickiewicz

In our Countryside edition you will find literary responses to it from:

        Forster: Landscape – ‘greeting the foreigner’

        Wordsworth and Mickiewicz: The Countryside of the mind

        Heaney, Miłosz and Grass: A Contemporary approach – Three Nobel writers on landscape


Making it strange: literature and culture shock Alan Pulverness
Worlds Within Words: literature and British cultural studies Alan Pulverness

A nice cup of tea: George Orwell’s prescription for post-1984 survival Martin Parker - University of Poznań See Network website

From the BS conference in Puławy

Our British Studies Articles - Original Research section includes articles on literature and popular writing:

From the Looking into England conference:

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