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Popular music

There have been a variety of articles over the years connected to music on the webpages and here they are brought together for your convenience.


Activities for the classroom

·         Heritage Expressed through Songs Małgorzata Wilewska and Joanna Burdzińska

·         Scottish and Polish Folk Music Today Mariusz Marczak


Festival links

·         Summer festivals - includes music festival websites


Different musical styles

·         A Jazz Tribute to Musical Heritage - interviews with the jazz band Dreams Factory and jazz musician Bogdan Hołownia

·         Money Can't Buy You Grunge - music and fashion - Roger Tredre

·         LIVERPOOL - in the Beatles’ Footsteps Pawel Kubisztal (reproduced from World of English)

·         Marc Bolan - Glamorous Guru Pawel Kubisztal (reproduced from World of English)

·         Mick Jagger - Rock Rebel or Shrewd Businessman? Roger Le Byrts (reproduced from World of English)


Other articles

·         Rock'n'Roll and Cinema   Peter Clark


Longer articles

·         Songs in the Discussion on National Identity Dorota Owczarek

·         No Future: Youth and Society - a review of a book by Prof Cashmore linking trends in popular music with other changes in popular culture - Mariusz Marczak

·         Multilingual UK - Music discussion of ethnic music styles and also song in other languages found in the UK

·         Oasis and the new working class ethics in Britain of the 1990s Beata Szczudłowska

·         Women’s quest for empowerment in the pop-music culture of the 1990’s Beata Maruszak

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