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World of English
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The World of English has been a successful magazine serving teachers and learners in schools in Poland for many years now. In every issue there will be articles on the UK (as well as the US and often other English-speaking countries, lexical and grammar issues, the olimpiad and discussion of contemporary events). Many of its articles can be found online in its archive see www.woe.edu.pl/archives.html

It describes itself as follows:

The World of English is published by the Copernicus Foundation of Poland, set up by retired Polish-American industrialist Edward J. Piszek of Philadelphia. Recognising English as the universal language in which Poland must know how to communicate with the outside world, he hopes a majority of Poles will have a working knowledge of English by the early 21st century. The World of English was conceived precisely to that end, to serve as both a teaching aid and a means of cultural enrichment.

The World of English is not meant for beginners who have had no previous exposure to English. It is designed for people at the intermediate level, meaning those who have studied English for no less than a year or spent at least four months in an English-speaking country.

Our magazine is meant for bright, thoughtful, ambitious and inquisitive young people who are serious about mastering English and realise that attaining that objective need not be dull, tedious or boring.

It aims at the immediate popular market rather than anticipating future directions (it is not methodologically adventurous) but succeeds as shown through its sales and public profile. Although much of the English was produced by natives it is not produced for a native audience and so is not fully authentic - but it provides a very useful bridge to such material.

Produced in Poland by British Council 2003. The United Kingdom's international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity.