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These links should give you starting points for investigating government and politics in the UK. Polish equivalents are given where possible to enable comparison.

Political Science Resources This site from Keele University has an extraordinary range of links to political and governmental sites, not only in the UK but around the world. It is far more than an academic site. Most of the websites listed below were derived from here including the Polish links - Poland can be found under the Area Studies sub-homepage. There is a good search engine.

Keeping up-to-date

Below you will find links to sites that will keep you up-to-date in terms of elections, government departments, cabinet members and so on. However to keep up with current news the BBC and the Guardian should help.



As always a very good site for basic information as well as up-to-date news items. It is suggested you enter the Politics page on - there is no clear link to it on the Homepage. Once in it look for Politics Database down the page for background information. Also there are audio/ video links from here to live news and parliamentary proceedings if you have the software. The new BBC Parliament TV channel is dedicated to all parts of the political process.


The Guardian + The Observer

Known as Guardian Unlimited it has an excellent and very useful open archive - see website review. Use it to follow up recent political events or find out about politicians. A good way of finding out how Polish politics are reported in the UK press


Guardian Politics

A very thorough and very full website of all aspects of day-to-day political life in Britain with plenty of critical commentary not found on the BBC or Vacher Dod sites. It has a number of useful sections including Ask Aristotle - an internal search engine, Polls - details of the latest UK opinion polls, Backbencher - political commentary from a range of columnists, Whitehall - about the Civil Service, Talk - online opinions, Parliament - up-to-date news, Beyond Westminster - Scotland, Wales, local, green etc and finally Special Reports - compilations of recent articles on popular themes e.g. women in politics, student politics, the Euro and constitutional reform


Vacher Dod Publishing

Dod On line a long time political publisher with a lot of information, as well as recent parliamentary news, simply and directly accessible from their homepage. Not only Westminster but the Welsh Assembly, Scottish Parliament, the Greater London Authority, the Civil Service and so on. There are links to Key Political Websites. Professional and up-to-date.


Ukonline see website review The British government portal - run from the Cabinet Office. Big and complex. If you want a government department go to A-Z Central Government. Very good search engine.

Number 10 The website of the Prime Minister�s office (10 Downing Street) - a lot of uncritical information, but an emphasis on information nonetheless. User friendly.
 - current list of members of the cabinet
 - current list of major government departments with links to their websites


The Electoral Commission - this site has very good introductory pages on:

         UK Parliament

         Local government

         The Greater London Assembly

         Scottish Parliament

         Welsh Assembly

         Northern Irish Assembly


Office for National Statistics A very big but well organised site. Has information from the 2001 census. User friendly.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office to find out about the UK�s external relations. Use the search engine to find out about relations with Poland. Also the site to start finding out about the regulations for working in the UK

Polish equivalent sites

Polish Prime Minister Chancellery Site

G��wny Urz�d Statystyczny for statistics.

Click on Urz�dy Centralne to get the websites of the different Polish ministries and many other government institutions to match those for the UK above. Some statistics are available in English.



The United Kingdom Parliament - both history and present business - both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. There is a glossary of the specific terminology - but not very helpful definitions.


The Electoral Commission - everything you want to know about elections in Britain at every level from Parish Councils to the European Parliament. A large quantity of up-to-date information on present, past and future elections with pdf files of election results and in addition all the electoral rules for candidates, administrators and voters. For details of a large review of many aspects of the electoral system which is at present being undertaken e.g. electronic democracy/ political broadcasting/ political funding/ voting ages/ voting procedures/ internet campaigning and so on see


Dod On line - this has most of the information you will need straight from the homepage - even a history of parliament. But if you cannot find it try the three sites below:
 for the political composition of parliament
 for a list of MPs, their biographies, websites etc
 - MPs by constituency with full election results

Explore parliament - a site aimed at children and teachers - so a good one for introducing your students in a straightforward way to the institution and the buildings


Polish equivalent sites

         The Sejm

         The Senate


Other parliaments (and assemblies) in the UK

         The Welsh National Assembly

         The Scottish Parliament

         The Northern Ireland Assembly

         The Greater London Assembly meeting of the Greater London Authority


Crown dependencies

         The Tynwald the parliament of the Isle of Man

         The parliaments of the Channel Islands: the States of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney The Channel Islands are not part of the EU.


European parliament

The European Parliament


Political parties

Inside parliament

         The Labour Party

         The Liberal Democrats

         The Conservative Party

         The Scottish National Party

         Plaid Cymru the Welsh Nationalists

Outside parliament

         The Communist Party

         The British National Party

         The Green Party

Northern Irish Parties

         The Democratic Unionists

         Sinn Fein

         The Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP)

         The Ulster Unionists

         The Alliance Party

Under Political Science Resources, links in English to political parties all over the world can be found as well as a large number of political interest groups in the UK e.g. the Trades Union Congress and Amnesty International committed to defending political rights worldwide


Some Polish equivalent sites

         Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe

         Platforma Obywatelska

         Unia Wolno�ci

         Akcja Wyborcza Solidarno��

         Unia Pracy

         Unia Polityki Realnej

         Sojusz Lewicy Demokratycznej

         Prawo i Sprawiedliwo��




The Monarchy - there should be something on the constitutional role here

Crown estates - the monarchy is a massive landowner. Here you can find some of what they own.


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