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  1. British Council pages with Health web links directory. Mainly professional expertise on health-related activity, including the setting up of collaborative links between UK institutions and those in other countries, and information for overseas-qualified doctors who wish to train in the UK. )
  2. Patient UK ( An excellent site which acts as a directory with information about health issues and links to hundreds of UK websites that provide health and illness information, as well as all the UK Health Charities and Self help and Support Groups.
  3. NHS Direct ( An informative source of health information aimed at the general public with categories such as Health in the News, Healthy Living, an A-Z guide to the NHS, and Conditions and Treatment. The idea about the latter, and indeed the overall philosophy of the whole site, is for greater health awareness. There is even an opportunity for you to diagnose your own condition before getting in touch with your doctor.
  4. The NHS Story ( This site has a very educational feel to it with a full history of the NHS and details of how it works today as well as information packs which can be downloaded for use in schools. With over 400 pages on offer, there is plenty to browse through.
  5. Wired for Health ( A joint initiative between the Department of Health and the Department for Education and Employment, this site is custom built for teachers and learners in Britain. As well as giving lots of general health information (like the Healthy Schools Programme), there are special sites within it aimed at the various Key Stages of the National Curriculum.
  6. Wrecked ( from the Health Education Authority looks at the dangers of alcohol, Trashed ( drugs, while there is also advice on how to stop Smoking , and generally have a healthier lifestyle (

  7. Hebsweb ( The Health Education Board for Scotland is an impressive looking site which combines clear, plain language with lots of good content. There are special parts of the site, such as Cyberschool, devoted to schools with quizzes and interactive competitions (
  8. Public Health Laboratory Service ( Definitely one for the professionals this, but it does provide all the official statistics on infectious diseases including an A-Z.
  9. Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents ( A registered charity promoting safety in all areas of life, there are some useful facts, figures, and articles here.
  10. British Nutrition Foundation ( If you want to find out about the food you eat, or the food you should be eating, this is the place to do it. Lots of information about how nutrition is becoming a big issues in British schools and the type of Food Technology courses which are being developed in the curriculum.
  11. Polish Ministry of Health Website ( This site in Polish has information about organisation of the Polish health system with data and statistics.

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