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Devolution and Constitutional Change Quizzes

The theme of devolution and constitutional change can seem difficult for students of British Studies because it involves new lexis of political terms and concepts. Below are some activities to introduce and practise this lexis. Before doing these activities, you may wish to look at our brief introduction to devolution and constitutional change in the UK, or our longer article.

The exercises can be done as pair or group activities in class, hopefully leading to a discussion, writing activity or other supplementary tasks.

Alternatively, the exercises can be done as homework, with the aid of the key and a dictionary in preparation for a class discussion.


GAP FILL - These five gap filling exercises focus on the recent constitutional changes in the UK and give practice in using some of this specialised vocabulary.

10 + 1 QUIZ - This quiz can be done after the gap filling exercises or as an introduction to more detailed work on the topic.

CALL MY BLUFF - This is a light-hearted game, using all the language skills, which can also be used as an introduction to the topic and vocabulary of devolution and constitutional change.

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