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Frequently Asked Questions - Myths, Legends, Folk and Fairy Tales

  • How can I get in touch with an English speaking penfriend?

    Below you can find details of some agencies, including one you can access on the web.

    • Sutton International Friendship Association, 6 Stanley Sq. Carshalton, Surrey
    • The International Correspondence Service ICS, 19 Jasmine Close, Woking, Surrey, GU 21 3RQ
    • The Penpal List, c/o 221B Merton Road, Southfields, London SW18 5EE
    • Papermates Pals Club (vegetarians), 42 Winter Grove, Parr, St. Helen's, Merseyside WA9 2JS
    • Cyberfriends,

      Please note that most of the above agencies charge a small subscription to cover costs of printing

  • I recently saw a film about Arthur and the knights of the Round Table. How much of the story of Arthur is true?

    The story of Arthur is one of the enduring British Myths. In this edition of the British Studies Web pages we have an item about 'Arthur - Myth and History'.

  • Are Polish myths the same as British Myths?

    There are some universal elements to myths, and others which are culture specific. We asked a group of Polish British Studies teachers to define the term, and the results are very interesting. The bibliography to this edition gives references to books on the theme.

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