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School resources

Education Place - resources for primary school teachers, students, and parents, including a Reading/Language Arts section, fairy-tale-based activities and games.


ProTeacher - folk tale lesson plans for elementary school teachers, and tales themselves divided into folktales, legends, classic stories, scared stories and original stories, complete with teachers’ notes and background information.


Folk tales

Folklore and Methodology Electronic Texts - an imposing collection of thematically-ordered tales from all over the world. It’s A-Z index helps you navigate directly to the stories you’re looking for.


Indiana University Bloomington Libraries Reference Department Electronic Texts and Images Collection - a web site offering richly-illustrated, full-text versions of fiction books, coupled with details of the publications


Storyteller - for those interested in storytelling and storytellers. An undeniable highlight of the site is a set of links to stories, both text and audio materials.


Folktales: What are they?  - Stacy Carney’s online article on the nature of folktales and the categories they fall into.


It’s Behind You - The Magic of Pantomime - a comprehensive collection of articles and fact sheets on Pantomime performances, the history and traditions of pantomime, a library of books on all aspects of pantomime.


Directory of Irish and Celtic folklore  - an A-Z of Irish folklore including seasonal celebrations, folktales, folk sayings, folk cures, leprechaun and fairy beliefs, origins of names.


The Folklore Society - they have a library in London where visitors can get day passes


English Folk Dance and Song Society - the English Folk Dance and Song Society have an extensive library, open to the public


Myths and legends

Indigenous Australia - a website exploring indigenous Australia through storytelling, cultures and histories, including teachers' resources and content for kids.


Robin Hood  - the facts and the fiction - information about the legends, ballads, geography and documents of the famed English outlaw.


British Mysteries  - British mysteries and myths from Stonehenge to Beowulf and Arthur.


The legend of Arthur  - information about legends, dragons, giants, Robin Hood and King Arthur. Links to legends such as The Wizard of Alderly Edge; The Legend of King Blahud; The Giant of Carn Galva.


A Short History of Arthurian Archaeology - Michelle L. Biehl’s article, complete with a bibliography


Encyclopedia Mythica – an online encyclopaedia of mythology, folklore and legend, featuring an image gallery, genealogy tables and a links section.


Science fiction and fantasy

ImagineThis  - an on-going project from the British Council Poland - all about the world of fantasy and science fiction. Within the project, BC is organising a series of events around this popular and fascinating theme.


T@lking Books  - under the Imagine This project the site is currently promoting the best of British Science Fiction and Fantasy; it features an online readers’ forum, interviews with Stephen Baxter and Gwyneth Jones and a Reading Group section made up of people who meet to talk about books.


The British Science Fiction Association - BSFA awards, BSFA magazines, book and film suggestions, current events, plus a multitude of classified science fiction links


British Science fiction writers - A-Z web sites offering factual information about lives the works of the authors below


Polish Science fiction writers – A-Z web sites offering factual information about lives the works of the authors below

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