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DNA Quiz

NOTE: The quiz was originally produced by the team as an 'Instant Classroom Activity' and as such, preserved in a 'print-out' format.

Read the following statements and decide whether they are true or false. Then try to correct the false statements by providing accurate information. Look for the answers at or








1.  There are approximately 100 trillion cells in our bodies.




2.  DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic acid and is a molecule present only in our brain cells. They carry all the genetic information needed to make our bodies function.




3.  The British scientists Francis Crick and James Watson uncovered the double helix structure of DNA in 1953.




4.  DNA is made up of three long strands paired up in a double helix.




5.  The first hybrid created by farmers thousands of years ago was a mule and it was a combination of a male horse with a male donkey.




6. Gregor Mendel who published his discoveries on pea plants in 1866 is considered to be ‘The Father of Genetics’




7.  The term ‘genetics’ was first introduced in 1906.




8.  The first cloning experiments were conducted on mice in 1975.




9.  Dolly the sheep, the first animal clone, was named after the country and western singer, Dolly Parton.




10.  Dolly the sheep lived only six years and she was put down due to health problems.




11.  The following animals are claimed to have been cloned: mice, calves, goats, pigs and elephants.




12.  The first genetically modified food was a tomato approved by the American Food and Drug Administration in 1994. It was produced to improve its flavour and shelf life.




13.  Rudolf Jaenish was the first scientist to create a genetically modified mouse.




14.  It has been scientifically confirmed that Clonaid produced the first human clone, a baby girl nicknamed Eve, in 2003.




15.  In the late 1980’s an international team of scientists began the project to map the human genome.


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