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ELT Food Bibliography

Only books directly of value to teachers in the classroom are given here. Most are in the British Council British Studies Resource Points



Culture activity books

  • British Studies Materials for Polish Teachers of English British Council 2000

The Families and Households unit by Hanna Go³êbiowska has an article “Why we must make a meal of family life again” with accompanying activities on p 64-66

  • Gill S & Èaòková M 2002 Intercultural Activities OUP

o        Unit 10 Food/ Unit 11 Drink/ Unit 17 Shopping

The well-known cultural activity book Tomalin B & Stempleski S 1993 Cultural Awareness OUP does not however devote one of its 82 activities to food.


British Studies textbooks

It is only in recent years that British Studies textbooks published for the ELT market have included Food as a theme - part of the trend towards everyday culture with ‘life’ being taken as seriously as ‘institutions’.



  • Collie J & Martin A 2000 What’s it like: life and culture in Britain today CUP
    • Unit 4 Food
  • Lavery C 1995 Focus on Britain Today Phoenix ELT
    • Unit 7 Food and Drink
  • Vaughan-Rees M et al. 2000 In Britain Chancerel
    • p 44
  • Farrell, M. 1995 World English Longman
    • Unit 2 Food and Drink
  • Nolasco R & Medgyes P When in Britain OUP 1990
    • Unit 2 Chips with everything
    • Unit 7 Fast food and takeaways


  • McDowell D 1999 (2nd ed) Britain in Close-up Longman
    • Ch 17 Time for a drink: the British pub
  • O’Driscoll J 1997 (2nd ed) Britain OUP
    • Ch 20 Food and Drink


  • Crowther J (ed) 1999 Oxford Guide to British and American Culture OUP
    • Full page articles on Food p 203, Agriculture p 8, Pubs and pub names p 435 and Shopping C30-31 plus a variety of individual entries
  • Fact file 98 Carel Press
    • Has a series of pages with statistics on UK food presented accessibly in graphical form
  • The Office for National Statistics 2000 Britain 2001 The Stationery Office
    • (Produced every year - get the most up-to-date)
  • Wellman G 1990 Wordbuilder Heinemann
    • Food and Drink pp 87-90/ Cooking, Eating and Drinking pp 173-177


Essential Articles Carel Press, Carlisle

Loose-leaf files of articles on many aspects of life in Britain including food. Look at the extensive index in the front of each volume to find the photocopiable articles. New volumes appear every two-three years - seven so far - check the website


For BS textbook references connected to Food and Health see

Other books on food in Britain

British Council libraries contain numbers of recipe books on British food - usually of traditional food and only of historical value. There are also some more technical books on diet and nutrition but little on what people in the UK actually eat, the distribution system which makes it available or the global businesses that dominate it.


Ashley B & Hollows J 2003 Food and Cultural Studies Routledge

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