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Consuming Heritage Interviews

Prepared by Bettina Okaryńska (Technikum teacher in Siemianowice Śląskie), Ewa Wiewóra (Liceum teacher in Czechowice Dziedzice) and Magda Zawadzka (TTI Radom)

We decided to find out what people actually bought in souvenir shops, to find out why and how they connected them to the idea of heritage. A reminder of these shops can be found in these pictures.

Interview Questions

  1. Have you bought any souvenirs in Kazimierz Dolny (or were you tempted to buy any)? If so, what souvenirs ?
  2. Were you surprised by any souvenirs offered there? If so, why ?
  3. Do you think they were representative of the area / city ? Why / why not ?
  4. Which of the places that you have visited in Poland and elsewhere promoted themselves best? And why do you think so ?
  5. What does HERITAGE mean to you ? Do you think it could be for sale? Why/ why not?

Let your own students use this questionnaire in your area - see what answers they find

INTERVIEWS (Click on a picture to get individual interview)

Barbara, Warsaw (Poland) Larisa (Russian, living in Lithuania) Violeta (Bulgaria) Joanna (Puławy, Poland) Simon (England)


  • Who was tempted to buy some traditional souvenirs in Kazimierz Dolny, Poland but didn’t find anything typical?
    • Larisa
    • Simon
    • Joanna

  • Why did souvenirs sold by shops and stall keepers in this town surprise people?
    • because they are very attractive
    • they are typical local souvenirs reflecting heritage
    • they present the kitsch of European cultures

  • Why are some places perceived as “selling themselves” well, according to the people surveyed?
    • you can find a picture of this town in every brochure
    • they show folklore or the local culture as a part of life
    • they do not need much promotion being internationally famous

Some discussion points

  • How would you sum up the attitudes expressed question by question?
  • Do you think nationality influenced their answers?
  • Do you think the teenagers’ answers would correspond to these?
  • What would your opinions be?
  • Do you think such things really matter?

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