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  • Here are some websites for you to look up and get some ideas - look at them with an eye to activities in the classroom. Think about their intercultural potential, the issues a site might raise, and activities which will involve students interpreting and doing something. Also imagine what would happen if your students found the site, brought downloaded material to you and said "what shall we do with this?"


    Intentionally given first to emphasise the international context of heritage - that it has the power to bring people together

    UNESCO for info on world heritage sites in every country

    ICOM international museum organisation with extensive articles and links

    • a policy statement on cross-cultural approaches to museums - particularly important in the international context of the summer school

    CULTIVATE An EU initiative (including the BC in Poland) - a very good and interesting website

    • cultivate interactive (an electronic magazine)
    • Digicult (digital heritage/ cultural content) - aimed it seems at preparing a pan-European record of heritage I think there’s a great deal here - it also has a magazine - e-culture

    Polish/ Central-East European

    Cross-border (there is an English version)

    A cross-border cultural organisation based in Sejny - Pogranicze in English is ‘Borderlands’. Publishers of Krasnogruda a multilingual magazine of poetry, prose, art work and so on. It has links to other cross-border organisations e.g. Batory Foundation another cross-border organisation based in Olsztyn (there is an English version)

    The International Culture Centre in Kraków (next door to the BC on the Rynek) A lot of activity and promotion of international cooperation on the theme of heritage with many conferences, exhibitions, research projects and publications each year. In 2001 for example, there was a conference entitled Central Europe: a new dimension of heritage

    National general national Polish site available in English with some cultural links - rather few however as a large number of others obviously exist a Polish-American site (I think), with links to Polish heritage sites


    Sites giving basic information about heritage webpages

    This tourist site has basic information about a huge number of ‘heritage’ and other sites in the UK plus links to the websites of over 250 towns - much more easy to access than the National Trust and English Heritage but doesn’t include tourist attractions under their care see review for a more detailed perspective on this site. connected to the site above - a large number of links to the specific websites of the heritage sites as well - good whether you know what you are looking for or not

    Oral history

    Oral history is a very powerful way of introducing heritage into the classroom. The power of authentic living voices is very strong. If you download the free software Real Player Audio you will be able to play the samples which are offered free on theses sites. The taste of British life they give cannot be replicated in text (though most have transcripts of the interviews).

    The samples are brief and can be used alongside transcripts by intermediate students. It’s not a good idea to have activities unconnected with the cultural theme as it would diminish their impact as cultural documents. Perhaps activities encouraging your students to make their own oral histories from family, friends, neighbours and so on is the best idea. The interview is the beginning and stimulus not the end.

    The Oral History Society is a popular organisation for those interested and gives excellent advice on the technical aspects of making recordings as well as how to approach potential interviewees in a sensitive and responsible way.

    The British Library has an extensive library most of which is unavailable free - however you can play a recording made in 1990 of Florence Nightingale talking of her life. is a site of the British Library with educational activities for school students. Of particular interest is a collection of holocaust memories recorded from survivors who ended up in Britain after the Second World War. They are very moving and require no activities.

    The BBC have a variety of recordings freely available from its Century Road series which marked the end of the century. Very interesting recollections from past and even recent history (e.g. a Bob Dylan concert). Also they have recordings of the first generation of post-war Caribbean immigrants who arrived on the Windrush and in a sense they are speaking of their confrontation with British heritage - The BBC history site which can be accesses through here is a very rich source for those interested in British Studies.

    Organisations responsible for looking after heritage sites

    English Heritage not an easy site to get into or download from but a great deal there e.g. on a working, interactive, profit making approach to heritage - alive - not preserved/ pickled. However this is a government organisation and they only include places directly under Govt protection - therefore it is not the general site it might seem.

    The National Trust a long-established organisation dedicated to preserving large country houses, stately homes and the countryside (especially the coastline). Good for links.

    • The Scottish National Trust - an equivalent organisation in Scotland.

    Government sites

    Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) the current name for the government department with responsibility for heritage

    • part of the above - with a ‘virtual 24 hour museum’
    • focusing on collections. It includes a recent report entitled Preserving the Past for the Future - close to our own A government search engine not only through all its departments but including many other non-profitmaking organisations. Type in the aspect of life you are interested in, however obscure. It seems user friendly and accessible - sites are given in order of ‘popularity’, but if you’re not specific there can be rather a lot. Type in ‘Heritage’…

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