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These have been prepared by Małgorzata Zdybiewska and Andrzej Junak.


Activity 1 – Personal heritage

Think of five objects which have an emotional value for you and which you associate with important memories of your life. Bring them to the class and prepare a short presentation on each of them.

Activity 2 – Collective heritage

Imagine that you a producer of souvenirs from your town / region / country. Choose five objects, which, in your opinion, represent the place best. Justify your choice.

Activity 3 – To buy or not to buy

Write an article / organise a debate on the following topic: What should be sold and promoted in souvenir shops? Justify your opinion.

Activity 4 – Recommending heritage

As homework (or classwork) students may write a letter to a friend recommending (or discouraging) them to visit a certain place because of its cultural heritage.

Activity 5 – Heritage leaflets

Using materials available on the Internet (or any other resources) prepare a leaflet advertising a heritage site that has not attracted much attention but may be of some interest to prospective visitors.

Activity 6 – UK souvenirs

Ask your students to bring any souvenirs they brought or had given them from the UK (and bring your own too). See what you can collect. What do you think they tell you about heritage in Britain? Imagine someone in Britain having such a group of objects from Poland – what would they say about Polish heritage?


The following links might be of use if you want to find more information on Kazimierz Dolny or issues concerned with heritage and tourism.

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