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Sports Crossword Puzzle

The sets of clues below refer to a particular sport. The words are all connected with this sport, such as a piece of sports equipment, a famous place associated with the sport, team positions for the game, or the names of famous sports-people. Put the names of sports horizontally in the squares. If the name contains two words, they are written as one (there's no space in between). When the crossword puzzle is correctly filled in, the letters in the vertical shaded line of squares will give you a sentence often heard in the context of sport. Here's another clue - It is a sentence which some feminists might object to.


1. shuttlecock, racket, court, net
2. floor exercises, the bars, Indian clubs, horse
3. ice, stick, puck, NHL, Mariusz Czerkawski
4. pitch, off-side, penalty area, Wembley, Michael Owen
5. track events, javelin, shot put, sprint
6. trumps, bidding, dealer, suit
7. scrummage (scrum), Twickenham, try, drop kick, conversion
8. Ascot, Grand National, Derby, jockey
9. rod, spool, lure, reel, pike
10. rink, Torville / Dean, spins, figure
11. pool, butterfly, backstroke, goggles
12. catcher, pitcher, home base, bat
13. handlebars, crash helmet, saddle, pedals
14. horse, faults, first refusal, triple bars, King George V Gold Cup
15. wicket, batsman, innings, bowler, fielders
16. Wimbledon, umpire, lawn, service, Greg Rusedsky

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