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Did you know that...

by Agnieszka Chabros (Toruñ Teacher Training College) and Katarzyna Spaccasassi (The College of Banking) from Toruñ, Poland.

 … the geographical heart of Europe is in Lithuania? It is in the small village of Bernotai located about 24 km from the capital Vilnius.



 … Luxembourg with a geographical area of 2,586km2 and the population of about 426,000 inhabitants has about 220 banks registered?


 … the Dutch are the European champions of cheese production? They produce more than 500 million kilos of cheese every year.



 … football was not invented in the UK, which is considered the home of this sport? It was actually the Chinese who played football over 4,000 years ago. Interestingly, it was probably the Romans who brought the sport to Britain.



 …some British cafés are known as ‘greasy spoons’? If you decide to have a typical British meal, you have to remember it can be rather fatty.



 … German people eat the largest quantity of bread and they have the biggest number of different types of it? They also opened the first museum of bread in the town of Ulm.



 … the Finns experience the longest nights and days in Europe? In the north of the Arctic Circle people do not see the sun for about two months in winter while in summer it doesn’t set at all for 67 days.



 … the first Olympic Games in Greece were completely different from the present ones?  Women and slaves were not allowed to watch or participate, all competitors were naked and  only those who were first were awarded.



 … St. Paul is the patron of Malta? There is a legend saying that St. Paul was shipwrecked on Malta, where he was bitten by a viper. As a consequence, snakes on Malta lost their poison and became harmless.


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