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The Welsh humour for the teachers of English

Prepared by Ida Baj and Anna Fidzińska from Kolegium Karkonoskie in Jelenia Góra who took part in the "Neighbours in the EU" Project which involved an ethnographic study trip to Wales. Its aim was to gather some ethnographic materials for the classroom use. For more material on Wales click here.



When a friend of ours learned that during our trip to Wales we were going to focus on the Welsh humour, he laughed saying that the Welsh are devoid of any humour whatsoever. He was English, of course. However, we didn’t get discouraged. We interviewed twelve people in Wales asking them to define the Welsh sense of humour. We got different, even contradictory  answers, but none of our interlocutors said that the Welsh were gloomy or humourless. Ten interviews are short and two ( numbers 5 and 7 ) are longer.

Each interview is accompanied by a photo. If you want to know what the Welsh themselves told us about their national sense of humour, click on The Interviews.


When in Wales, we collected a number of books dealing with Welsh jokes and humour. If you want to have a look at our sources, click on Our sources.


Quite a number of jokes deal with traditional Welsh occupations, farming and coalmining. If you want to have a look at the best jokes in this category, click on The Welsh Jokes. Coalminers and Country Folk.


There are many jokes that refer to the Welsh favourite sport, which is of course rugby. If you are interested in these, click on The Welsh Jokes. Rugby.


The Welsh often laugh at other nations and sometimes even at themselves. For such jokes click on The Welsh Jokes. The Welsh and the Rest of the World.


When you introduce humour as a theme, you may wish to pre-teach some words and expressions related to it. Why not do it through an activity where your students have to match words and their definitions? Your students can work on this material independently. There is the key available. Click on  Humorous Vocabulary.


If you would like to use The Interviews, The Welsh Jokes and/or  Humorous Vocabulary  in your classroom teaching, you may be interested in some questions and ideas we developed to these materials. Just click on The Welsh Humour. Teaching Tips.


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