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for Teachers and Learners of English in Poland

What will you find in the British Studies Web Pages?

We plan to offer you material which can be used in English language classes, for discussion or for other activities.  You can view the material on screen or, if you prefer, you can print it out and use it on paper.  You will find:

  • facts about the UK
  • texts and articles in English
  • extracts from British books
  • pictures and cartoons
  • ideas for classroom activities
  • quizzes and games
  • academic articles
  • competitions
  • notes on the teaching of cultural studies
  • links to other interesting web sites
  • useful bibliographies
  • a letters page for you to send us comments and questions
Seventeen editions of the pages have been produced so far: "Views of Britain", "Festivals", "Youth Culture", "Education", "Government", "Myths, Legends, Fantasy...", "Sport", "Health", "Identity", "2001 - Back to the Future?" (a special millenium edition), "The Countryside", "Holidays", "Heritage", "Multilingual World", "Media", "Food" and "Science".

We hope that these pages will grow and change to suit your needs.  For this to happen, we depend on your feedback and ideas.  So please let us have your comments, questions and suggestions!

Tips for using these web pages

Costs of phone calls incurred using the WWW can be expensive especially if access time is slow. You may find that observing the following points will speed up access to the site and cut your costs:

  1. Cut phone costs by accessing the site at times when the WWW is least likely to be busy (late evening, early morning).
  2. Turn off the 'images' option in your browser. Images can take extra time to load! If you are not sure how to do this ask a friend who does, to do it for you or use the HELP menu on your browser to find out.
  3. Cut costs by reading the pages offline rather than online. To do this follow the process outlined below:
  • Connect to the site
  • Scan the site for the page/s you are interested in
  • Use the SAVE option on the FILE Menu to save it/them to the hard disk on your computer
  • Close down your connection
  • Use your browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer etc) to read the pages offline
  • Use the PRINT option on the FILE menu to print the pages out if you want to read hard copy


The editorial team have made every effort to ensure that no inaccurate information appears on this site. The opinions expressed on these pages are not necessarily those of the British Council or the editorial team. The editorial team reserves the right to select, edit or amend, as appropriate, any contribution received for publication on this site. Every attempt has been made to trace the owners of copyright materials used on this site. However, if omissions have been made, we shall be pleased to rectify them in future editions, if notification is given. All materials on this site may be downloaded and reproduced as long as due credit is given to the original author, where appropriate, and to this site.

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