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  British Council
British Council Poland

Information about the activities of the British Council in Poland in areas such as English, Education, Governance, and Science and Society.

British Council Education

Part of the British Council - Education and Training Group.

The British Embassy in Poland
The British Embassy in Poland

News of events, scholarships, visa requirements, and other information regarding Embassy activities.

British Studies
British Council British Studies

With the aim 'to facilitate an informed, critical and comparative understanding of contemporary Britain in a range of educational projects with key partners', these pages have excellent resources for anyone interested in interdisciplinary studies in this field, including an extensive bibliography, conference reports, publications, and extracts from British Studies Now, the British Council's international magazine for everyone involved in teaching and interpreting new trends in British culture and society. There is a discussion group for British Studies which you can join directly on the WWW.

Culture Lab

A new British Council site, which aims to be 'a user's guide to style, culture and technology in the UK', with sections on design, digital, fashion, film, future, life, and music. An invaluable resource for those interested in popular culture.


A new British Council site targeted at everyone with an interest in UK Music, and designed, according to the owners ‘to reflect the virtuosic vibrancy and innovation of music produced in Britain in 2001’.

Football Culture

A collaboration between the British Council and the BBC which aims to inform and entertain all those with an interest in the Beautiful Game.


The main British Council Literature pages have a full catalogue of BC current publications, news on all forthcoming and recent events and online versions of 'Literature Matters' and a list of UK Festivals. There are also categorised and annotated links to around 150 literature-related web sites, and to all UK universities and their English departments. A database of contemporary British writers is also being developed.

Literary Translation

Devised by the BC literature department in partnership with the British Centre for Literary Translation, this site aims 'to promote the reading of literature both into and out of translation and to explore the area of literary translation as a dynamic and lively art form'. It deals with both the art and practice of translation.


'BritLit' is a British Council project, in conjunction with the Portuguese Association of English Teachers (APPI), designed to work with secondary school teachers using British literature in the classroom.

Post-Imperial Literature in English

This is an excellent resource for those studying this area, with notes on authors and books under headings such as themes, genres and modes, science, religion, and history. Other sites providing articles and background on literature are Novel Guide Novel Analysis, Study Guides, and Grade Saver Classic Notes.


Designed for English teachers in the UK, this site has over 400 downloadable lesson plans, activities, and resources for teaching poetry, drama, novels, and media studies. Although you have to register, it is completely free.


Styling itself 'one of the largest learning resources on the web', this site has been developed by Guardian Education Interactive to be used by British teachers and students 'for homework, revision, or preparing lessons'. As well as providing information about the national curriculum, many of these materials could be adapted for Polish classrooms.

English Resources

Another site designed in the UK for English teachers and providing news about education in the UK as well as numerous worksheets on drama, poetry, Shakespeare, and other English topics studied in the national curriculum and public exams.


Hosted by the University of London, Institute of Historical Research, this site was established in 1993 with the aim of promoting the use of electronic networks by historians and history students and providing easy access to on-line resources. Another site hosted by the University of London which is worth looking at is the Institute of Contemporary British History.

Books Unlimited

News, views, reviews, and a whole lot more from the online books pages of the Guardian and Observer newspapers.

Cultural Studies
Cultural Studies Links

A collection of links dedicated to Cultural Studies.

Information About the UK
British Tourist Authority

The official travel guide to Britain.


More information for the younger generation with everything from street culture to science and technology.

'A first entry point to UK public sector information on the internet', this site has topic and organisation indexes listing all UK government agencies. From here you can reach the official British Monarchy site, and the transcripts of Parliament, Hansard.

British Council offices

British Council offices in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales are a useful background source about these countries.

Scottish Executive

News and publications from the Executive with a link to the Scottish Parliament, where, among other things, you can find a plan of the new Parliament building!

Welsh Assembly

Full of detail about how the Assembly works, policy, legislation, and an intriguing appeal to the youth of Wales to have their say through 'Young Voice'. There is also, as would be expected from a bilingual Assembly, a Welsh language version.

Northern Ireland Office

Guides to Devolution, the Bills and Agreements which enacted it, and the historical background. Those wishing for more details of the Assembly and Executive should visit

Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Official news, government speeches, travel advice, visa information and links to other FCO sites.

An educational tool designed for young people in the UK to help them think about multicultural Britain. It has various games, and materials on the UK languages and religious groups, immigration law, and issues concerning minority ethnic groups.

The Site

Very much aimed at young people living in Britain today, and gives a flavour of their interests and concerns.


Pupiline was founded in February 2000 as an electronic magazine run by teenagers for teenagers. The pupiline site is extremely popular with teenagers from all over the world, and will soon be available for use in schools all over the UK as an invaluable teaching aid.

The BBC Online WebGuide

The BBC Online WebGuide is a good place to search for information about the UK from other web sites.

Education in the UK
Education UK

Everything you could possibly want to know about education in the UK from this British Council site, with a Virtual Campus and details of thousands of educational institutions.

The National Grid for learning

The National Grid for learning is an excellent portal that brings together a vast and growing collection of sites that support education and lifelong learning in the UK.

Department for Education and Employment

Department for Education and Employment (DfEE) is another good starting place to find out about UK education. From here you can get to the DfEE's Parents site, which contains lots of useful information about school education in England, from the subjects studied in the National Curriculum and how they are tested, through to advice on what to do if a child is refused a place at a chosen school. Statistics are available at on a wide range of topics, ranging from the general background of the UK education systems, through to specific topics like special educational needs, information and communication technology, take up of vocational qualifications, and so on.

BBC Education

This is the education site of BBC News and from here you can read about the education systems in the different parts of the UK, and see what this weeks hot topics in education are.

UK Universities

An alphabetical listing of sites hosted by the University of Birmingham.

Quality Assurance Agency

From here you can access the teaching and institutional reports that have been carried out on higher education institutions, and read about recent work being carried out by the QAA such as the benchmarking exercise and the National Qualifications Framework.

Learning and Skills Development Agency

This is the site of the recently renamed Learning and Skills Development Agency (previously called FEDA - Further Education Development Agency) and it contains information relevant to the world of post-16 education and training. Information can be found on Curriculum 2000, GNVQ, Key Skills, and so on.


Pupiline was founded in February 2000 as an electronic magazine run by teenagers for teenagers. The pupiline site is extremely popular with teenagers from all over the world, and will soon be available for use in schools all over the UK as an invaluable teaching aid.

News Sources
The Times

The Times, Sunday Times, Times Literary, Education and Higher Education Supplements (TLS, TES and THES)

The Electronic Telegraph

The Electronic Telegraph

The On-line Mirror

The On-line Mirror

The Guardian and The Observer

The Guardian and The Observer

BBC BBC news
The BBC Online Magazine
BBC Scotland
BBC Wales
BBC Northern Ireland
BBC World Service

News, schedules for programmes, frequencies, and information about broadcasts in other languages can all be found here.

Information About Poland
The Official web site of Poland

This has an English version and official information on aspects of Polish life and government.

The Polish Embassy in London

Visa and other information.

British-Polish Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw

Aimed at promoting British business in Poland and Polish business in Britain.

Polish Consulate in Kidderminster A digest of news about Poland in English.
The Warsaw Voice

A weekly newspaper about Poland in English.

Polish World
Business in Poland

All three of these sites provide business, tourist and cultural information on Poland for travellers and the international business community.

Polskie Książki Telefoniczne

Telephone directory of companies in Poland

Learning and Teaching English
The BBC World Service

An English Learning website and e-mail discussion group with links and activities connected to BBC World Service broadcasts.


Don't be fooled by the strange name, this is a very serious site which offers both teachers and students excellent practical support in preparing for the Cambridge FCE and CAE exams.

English Language Teaching and Learning Web Links

Produced by the British Council in Hong Kong, it provides a comprehensive lists of links for students and teachers.


This is an invaluable site for all teachers of English. It has a newsletter, messages board, and information about events for professional development in Poland and other parts of the world.

World of English

A magazine for Students of English published bi-monthly by the Fundacja Kopernikańska w Polsce, which also has details of courses for teachers.


Another site developed here in Poland for learners which includes advice from people who learned English successfully.

Educational Links and Exchanges

This English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme, set up in 1990, supports networks of teachers and trainers in disseminating best practice and developing skills in ELT throughout Europe with activities such as seminars, courses, conferences, academic links, and newsletters. Internet discussion and information lists keep members informed of all the latest developments in the profession.

European Schoolnet

Supported by the European Commisssion, this site has lots to interest teachers throughout Europe, including collaboration through projects and opportunities for teaching training.


Has an 'EduWeb Projects' section which aims to be a way for teachers to work in partnership with other teachers and classes anywhere in the world.


Any site whose mission statement 'is totally focused on becoming the world's No1 education site - the first destination for parents, pupils and teachers' must be worth a look.

The Global Gateway

A new international website, enabling those involved in education across the world to engage in creative partnerships. It is a one-stop-shop, providing quick access to comprehensive information on how to develop an international dimension to education.

Internet for Schools

A site in Polish from Warsaw University which pioneered work on Internet for Schools.

Publisher Links

A link to a list of publisher links in Poland.

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