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Cultural Studies Links

Cultural/Media Studies

Sarah Zupko’s Cultural Studies Center

Collection of a wide range of information and resources for Cultural Studies.  There are pages on Journals/Archives, Articles/Papers, Theorists and Critics, Calls for Papers/Conferences, Book Reviews, Academic Programs, Bibliographies/Reading Lists, Publishers, Newsgroups/Listservs, and General Links.

Sister site of Describes itself as an international magazine of cultural criticism.  The magazine has a broad scope, covering music, film, television, film, literature, video games, computer software, theatre, visual arts, and the Internet.

The Media and Communication Studies Site at Aberystwyth University.

Excellent site with pages on Film Studies, Pop Music/Youth, Advertising, Visual Image and more.  Each page contains further sub-divisions, and lists Articles, Recommended Reading, and Other Links.

Cultural Studies Elsewhere 

The website provides free access to approx. 20 articles, although unfortunately access is denied to some.  Available articles include, ‘Representations of Britain’, ‘English Identity’, and ‘The Colour of British Ivory Towers’.

Catalogue of Internet Resources covering all academic subject areas.  Very comprehensive.

Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association

MECCSA Discussion List

MECCSA stands for the Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association and is designed to support academics in HE who work in these subject areas. The list is an open discussion forum for members and non-members to contribute knowledge, information and opinions on issues of interest to those working and studying within the broad field of Media, Culture and Communications. and New Media Studies and its sister site New Media Studies are based on materials from modules taught at the Institute of Communication Studies, University of Leeds. Links to the main resources are to be found under the ‘Resources and Reviews‘ link. The A-Z is also worth checking out, find this under the ‘About’ link.

Manchester Institute for Popular Culture

The Institute is concerned with issues in contemporary city cultures, and the website provides details about current research projects such as ‘Cultural Industries and the City’, and ‘Females and Creative Technology’.  Many of the projects centre on the North-West of England, and there is a links page which lists, among other things, relevant online magazines.

Cultural Studies and Critical Theory

Draws from the fields of anthropology, sociology, gender studies, feminism, literary criticism, history and psychoanalysis in order to discuss contemporary texts and cultural practices.

Archives of Subcultural Styles

Discussion list for study of youth, style, subcultures – dates back to 1998. 

Collection of articles and web-pages on subcultures.

Americanisation and the Teaching of American Studies

This Americanisation project is housed in the Cultural Studies Department at the University of Central Lancashire.  It interrogates and analyses the positive and negative effects of Americanisation via a series of workshops which address diverse topics such as ‘Disney and the European Fairy Tale’, and ‘Americanisation and Popular Music’.  The website provides regular updates about the project, and includes various resources for teaching, abstracts of the workshops as they become available, and a message board. 

Illuminations: The Critical Theory Website

This web site of Douglas Brown and Douglas Kellner offers a research resource, firmly based in Frankfurt School thought. The site maintains a collection of articles, excerpts, and chapters from many classic and contemporary writers working along the lines of Critical Theory.

University of Birmingham, Department of Cultural Studies and Sociology

Provides access to online journal, ‘Cultural Studies from Birmingham’, although at present the only articles available online are from the ‘Latest Edition’, and this is dated 1999.

Pop Art in Britain   

Short piece on Pop Art in Britain, with links to British Pop Artists.

Essay entitled, ‘A Cross-Cultural Approach to British Studies’, delivered at a workshop organised by the British Council in Poland, September 1996.


The British Film Institute

The BFI web site is a collection of a wide range of information and resources. There are general news pages, information about the Museum of the Moving Image, and a film links gateway. A section called ‘Facts on film’ has news, statistics and other facts. Under information for media students you will find bibliographies, study packs, careers and research guides, book lists and a directory of focused web resources. Selected feature articles are also available from the current issue of Sight and Sound.

British Universities Film and Video Council/AVANCE and TV Index

The BUFVC promotes the production, study and use of film and related media in higher education and research.  The web site is split into sections including news and events, services, publications, facilities, film and video distribution and location. Under services are the databases AVANCE and TV Index.  AVANCE is a database of 20,000+ audio-visual programmes relating to Higher Education while the TV index is an online index to all programmes broadcast on all 5 terrestrial channels since 1995. Both services are under trial at the moment and free to everyone, but at some point in the future they will become available only to members of the BUFVC.

Film Council

The Film council is the newly formed strategic agency responsible for developing the film industry in the UK. Information about the Film council, funding and training initiatives and other information for film-makers is available on their web site.

Internet Movie Database

The Internet Movie Database is a well known and widely praised site which has information on over 250,000 movies made since the dawn of cinema. Information is available about over 500,000 actors and actresses, nearly 50,000 directors, over 70,000 writers and a wide variety of other people connected with the film industry. 


Institute of Popular Music

The Institute of Popular Music is based at Liverpool University, and the web site has information on various research projects which can be found under Resource Centre.    

International Association for the Study of Popular Music

The website provides access to the Popular Music Research and Education Directory which provides information about people and institutions involved in the study of popular music, and recent publications.  There are also links to journals, bibliographies, institutions, and organisations.

(Mostly) Free Online Journals

Ctheory: International Journal of Theory, Technology and Culture

Publishes articles, interviews, event-scenes, and reviews of key books.  Very cyber/technology oriented.

Postmodern Culture

Electronic Journal of interdisciplinary thought on contemporary cultures.  Access to current issue is free, but access to back issues requires subscription.

Scope: An On-line Journal of Film Studies

Scope is an entirely free online journal of film studies edited by staff and students within the Institute of Film Studies at the University of Nottingham. As the title suggests, it provides a forum for discussion of all aspects of film history, theory and criticism.


Free online journal on the history and social significance of media culture.  Contains essays about radio programs, television series, popular music, and representation.  Also provides access to databases including ‘Rare Pictures from Radio’s Past’, and ‘Some Writings of Adorno’.  Very good links page.

Screening the Past

An international, refereed, electronic journal of visual media and history. It publishes articles on the history of photography, film, television and multimedia; the representation of history on and in these media; and the role of these media in social history.

Critical Musicology

Musicology journal, hosted by the Department of Music at the University of Leeds. 


This online journal presents itself as a space devoted to theoretical approaches to discourse, culture, and society. You can find essays on rhetoric, (popular) music, film, literature, and critical / literary / postmodern theory.

Outskirts: feminisms along the edge

Outskirts is a feminist, cultural studies journal published twice yearly, in May and November.  Draws from a range of disciplinary perspectives, and addresses a range of feminist issues and topics.

Popular Musicology Online

The new online version of "Popular Musicology Quarterly". As a refereed journal with an international advisory panel of top popular musicologists, it addresses the problematics of examining popular music, offering a platform to academics seeking new methodological avenues for musicological inquiry.

Cross-Cultural Sites

Polish Cultural Institute

The Polish Cultural Institute is a non-profit making organisation associated with the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, dedicated to promoting Polish culture in Britain.

The aim of the Institute is to bring contemporary Polish culture to a wider British audience and their programme covers art, film, theatre, music and literature.  The website lists past and forthcoming events, and a Links page contains information on various aspects of Polish culture.

The Joseph Conrad Society

This is the official website of The Joseph Conrad Society (UK), based at Bath Spa University College.  Their aim is to provide a forum and resource for Conrad scholars throughout the world and those interested in things ‘Conradian’.  The Society publishes, twice yearly, a scholarly referred journal, The Conradian, and the website provides a direct link to review essays from the journal.  The Links page lists major Conrad sites, Conrad texts available online, and teaching resources and introductory guides.

Landscapes of the Mind: The Cinema of Roman Polanski 

Article on Polanski by film critic Adrian Martin.  Contains biographical and contextual information, and a critical overview of Polanski’s films from Two Men and a Wardrobe (1958) to Frantic (1998).

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