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Youth Culture and Fashion


What is in This Issue?

It's a great pleasure to introduce this edition of the British Council British Studies website.

There has been a great deal of activity and interest in British Studies in recent times and the website is an exciting development related to this. We aim to increase this interest and channel it into suitable directions so that there is more British Studies activity taking place at all levels of the education system. Editions 1 and 2 of this website already play a key role in this objective by not only providing useful materials which you can download for yourself but also by providing a forum for others interested and involved in the subject. We intend to make the website increasingly interactive with ongoing debates and discussions as well as making it a place to put forward questions and exchanges of materials and ideas. It is your website so please make use of it and give us your opinions about what you find here. We would certainly welcome your views and suggestions.

This edition focusses on 'youth' which is a central theme of many British Studies courses. Young people often occupy an ambiguous position in society, as Ruth Cherrington discusses in an article in this edition. Understanding more about young people and the issues that affect them can only be of benefit to all of us. Besides, many of us probably work with young people and indeed, some of us might be quite young ourselves (or used to be!) so we want to know what others think about youth issues, problems and potential. Let us know what you think and send your questions and opinions to the Web Team.

In future editions we are considering putting in a section dedicated to students' work within the field of British Studies. Here are two examples of students work from Bulgaria and Poland. The first includes extracts from a diploma paper thesis from a Bulgarian English Philology graduate, Apostol Apostolov. His own interest in the film 'Trainspotting' tied up with youth culture issues which he researched for this paper with interesting results. The research questionnaire, which is actually a piece of audience research, is probably the first of its kind in Bulgaria. If you want to see more of this paper, let us know. The second is an example of work on Fashion in Britain produced by a student from Bydgoszcz Teacher Training College as part of her British Studies project. We hope to have more examples from Poland and elsewhere in the coming editions so do send in everything you think other website users would be interested in.

Once again, enjoy the Website, make the most of it and we look forward to meeting you in cyber space as well as in the real world.

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